Continuous Mixing
Readco Kurimoto, LLC supplies Continuous Mixers to the Food, Chemical, Plastics, and Pharmaceutical industries for the continuous production of products. Readco also manufactures Dry Powder Blending equipment used in the Cosmetic, Pigment, Food, and Pharmaceutical Industries.
Industrial Water Treatment
For over 40 years Evoqua J-Press filter presses have been the market leader in providing solutions for our customer’s most demanding dewatering applications. With roots in the legacy brands of JWI, Perrin, Edwards & Jones, IPM, USFilter and Siemens, Evoqua has an unparalleled range of filter press products from which to choose. From conventional industrial waste sludge, to lime softening residuals, or high solids mineral processing applications we have equipment to meet your dewatering needs. Additionally, Evoqua can customize a cost-effective preventive maintenance program for your specific equipment, application, and environment that translates into lower maintenance cost and years of worry-free operation.
High Shear Mixing
Silverson is the world leaders in the design and manufacturing of high shear mixers as well as specializing in Powder/Liquid Mixers, Sanitary Mixers and Disintegrator/Dissolvers. Our technology has many applications and spans food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, chemicals and the lube oils industries. For more than 60 years Silverson has been the leader in mixing technology and has set the standard for High Shear Mixers. You will find Silverson Mixers in use in over 150 countries around the world. Silverson is an innovator in high shear mixing technology and as a forward thinking company has the knowledge to solve your mixing needs of today as well as those of tomorrow.
Automated Feeders
ARBO offers a full and diversified product line for feeding and dosing applications. Vibratory tray feeders, Flexible wall feeders, single and twin screw feeders, belt loss-in-weight feeders, liquid feeders, weighbelt feeders and volumetric control systems. All used to help automate your process.
Drying Equipment
GEA Niro is a world leading brand within drying technology. The company originally known as Niro Atomizer, was founded in 1933 by Johan Ernst Nyrop who was one of the pioneers in spray drying technology. Since then, the company has grown to be the world leader within liquid and powder processing equipment for the production of powders, granulates, and agglomerates. In 1993, the company - then just known as Niro - was acquired by GEA Group and it later changed name to GEA Process Engineering A/S. Today, the GEA Niro product range includes process units and complete processing lines based on spray drying, flash drying, and fluid bed processing technology. They are applied in the food and chemical industries in order to produce a wide range of products in powder form.
Industrial Fans and Blowers
New York Blower fan’s are designed to provide the highest aerodynamic efficiencies compatible with specific systems and gas stream requirements. Durable fan structures are designed for long life in the harshest and most demanding industrial applications. NYB maintains a laboratory provides highest standards in product development and product performance testing.
Mixing and Conveying Equipment
S. Howes’ products are built to last. In fact, some of the S. Howes’ equipment in use today is well over 75 years old. Today, S. Howes designs and manufactures numerous types of processing equipment including: mixers & blenders, conveyors, separators, size reducers and accessories for a wide variety of products and processing industries. The company is still a family-owned and managed business and strives to maintain its reputation as a leading supplier and provider of high-quality equipment and superior customer service.
Heat Exchangers
Doyle & Roth has complete "in-house" capability for fabrication of tubular heat transfer equipment. At Doyle & Roth, we've established our reputation on engineering excellence ..rigid quality control techniques...on total commitment to customer service. Performance quality, designed by a highly competent engineering staff is supported by the most modern equipment available.
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